Mixing ‘In The Box’ Strategies With Grammy Winner Jacquire King

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In this interview, Jacquire walks through his mixing template and setup as well as his approach to tracking bands and producing artists.




Some of things covered include:

  • The missing piece for most artists when producing a record (this totally applies to home studio musicians) – 5:57
  • Why as an artist you must also see yourself as a small business – 8:24
  • The mistake many producers make is wanting to be in complete control15:19
  • One simple strategy to getting the low end in your mix perfect every time (this blew my mind) – 20:09
  • The trick to learning your room/speaker’s bass response (and how to compensate in your mix)28:19
  • The “hand raising” mix approach that allows you to know what to do next in a mix – 30:49
  • Why printing your mix in realtime is a strategic last step to getting your mix just right34:09
  • How too much flexibility is a bad thing (and committing early and often is more strategic) – 37:09
  • The danger of compartmentalizing each instrument when recording (or mixing)39:12
  • What we as engineers can learn from Motown music (hint: it wasn’t the gear) – 47:12
  • Why you shouldn’t focus on making a “good” sounding record48:19

Here’s the video. It is totally worth your time…