Cassette Tape Transfers

Packed away in cases all across the world, there is a treasure trove of awesome mixtapes, rare albums and band recordings from the heyday of the cassette.

Unlike digital formats like CDs and MP3s (and even well cared-for vinyl records), cassettes significantly deteriorate as time goes by, no matter how you treat them.

Bottom line: the clock is ticking on your cassette tapes.

You’ve probably thought about transferring your precious cassettes to the digital format to be stored on your computer, on CDs or external drives, but just haven’t gotten around to it.

That’s where Magic Ears comes in. We transfer tapes with a top-quality, vintage Nakamichi cassette deck and exceptional analog-to-digital converter.

We provide a 320kbps MP3 via Dropbox, or can send a CD-R with your cassette via USPS, if you choose the S&H return option at checkout.

Cost: $25 per tape for a basic transfer and $45 for added sonic enhancements (including tape hiss clean up, raising volume levels to current listening standards and track separation).

There will be a $7 charge per tape for S&H, if you want the tape returned via USPS.

For more information, please contact us at

NOTE: Magic Ears is not responsible for damages to cassettes. If a cassette cannot be transferred, Magic Ears will ship cassette back upon request. S&H costs will be deducted, along with a $5 service charge per tape. The remainder will be refunded to buyer. Magic Ears does not archive cassette transfers.