Stem Mastering/Mixing Allows More Magic to Impact Your Songs

To achieve an even deeper level of Magic Ears magic in your mixes and masters, consider Stem Mastering/Mixing.

Stems are combined sets of tracks from a particular instrumental grouping. Drums. Guitars. Bass. Vocals. Horns. Keyboards.

Whatever it may be.

Perhaps you’ve dug in and mixed everything and just want a fresh perspective and objective ear to tweak your mix and take it to the next level as it enters the mastering phase.

Or maybe you just want your song to be mastered in a more finely tuned way.

It’s so easy. Bounce your instrument groupings into stems and let Magic Ears take over.

We will work closely with you to decide which option is best for your project and your wallet.

Stem Mastering/Mixing is also a lower cost alternative to hiring Magic Ears to mix and master your song from scratch.

Price starts at only $200.

Contact us at or 954-242-1909 for details.